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Closest venues to Yeovil

Below are the 1 nearest locations to Yeovil.

  • Portland Windsurfing

    Min. Age 16

    27 miles from Yeovil

    Windsurfing is exhilarating, addictive and great fun. The sport combines aspects of both sailing and surfing, along with certain athletic aspects shared with other board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Using specialist techniques it's easy to learn and takes only a short time before you're up and sailing!

  • Keynsham Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

    Min. Age 12

    33 miles from Yeovil

    If you're looking for an exhilarating Stand Up Paddleboarding experience, look no further than our fantastic Keynsham venue - you're guaranteed pure fun!
  • Hamworthy Kitesurfing

    Min. Age 12

    35 miles from Yeovil

    Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, involves using a power kite to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard. A kitesurfer uses a board with foot-straps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel themselves and the board across the water. The sport is still in its infancy, but is rapidly growing in popularity. The sport is very safe due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction. Many riding styles have evolved to suit different types of riders and conditions, such as wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping, and cruising.

  • Bournemouth Surfing

    Min. Age 8

    36 miles from Yeovil

    For your chance to show that you're a surf dude with attitude, look no further than our cracking Surf Centre, where you will learn all the in's and out's of this utterly invigorating pursuit! Tackling some of the most gnarly waves with the use of top of the range and expert tuition doesn't get much better than this!

  • Bude, Cornwall Boogie Boarding

    Min. Age 7

    85 miles from Yeovil

    We are pleased to offer some of the best boogie boarding conditions out there at our awesome Cornwall venue and you will be blown away by the unparalleled enjoyment of riding those waves! Excellent facilities and top class tuition combine to make our superb site simply unmissable!

"All of us had a very enjoyable day being introduced to the basics of Kitesurfing."

Kevin Powell, Redcar Kitesurfing

RATED 3.9 out of 5

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